International Conference on Biomedical Technology 2015

Start: 2015 October 28
End: 2015 October 30

Location: Hannover, Germany

The second ECCOMAS thematic conference on Biomedical Engineering will be held from 28th to 30nd of October 2015 in Hannover.

Current challenges in medicine and engineering are related to the application of computational methods to clinical medicine and the study of biological systems at different scales. Based on the tremendous advances in medical imaging and high-performance computing, engineering is able to help in medical decision processes or implant designs. The computational tools and methods can be applied to predict performance of medical devices in virtual patients. Physical and animal testing procedures can be reduced by the use of virtual prototyping of medical devices.

This conference will bring together scientists from different areas of medicine, engineering and natural sciences. It will focus on function, production, initialization and complications of different types or implants and related topics.

The scope of the conference is

  • degradable and non-degradable implants
  • synthetic and biological hybrid implants
  • implant design
  • tissue-implant interfaces
  • fatigue and fracture of bone implants
  • implant related infections
  • models of tissues
  • models of biological systems 

The conference is one of the Thematic Conferences of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS).

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