Smart Quadcopter: Hybrid Drone for automatic monitoring, delivery of freights and safety control and security of technical objects

Problem and Solution

Problem: Existing UAVs with navigation systems don’t solve the common problems for Safety and Security industries, Agriculture and Delivery of freights, as UAVs:

  • can’t work in autonomous mode and can operate only in the visibility area;
  • can’t ship the freight more than 0.2 kg (useful payload is extremely small);
  • able to fly during a short period of time (about 20-30 min).

Solution: A prototype of on-board navigation and control equipment is created as well as experimental model of a hybrid UAV – Smart Quadcopter.


Techno parameters

Navigation System (prototype is ready) Specification:
  • size < 10 cm
  • 3 hyroscopes (IMU STMicroelectronics LSM9DS1TR)
  • 3 accelerometers
  • 1 receiver (GPS receiver EB-800A)
Accuracy in autonomous mode:
  • With Satellite signal - error distance < 5 m
  • No Satellite signal - duration of flight less than 20 min, error distance - 150 m)
  • Mathematical model - know-how
Hybrid UAV (prototype is ready, incl. patents)
  • Weight - 14 kg (incl. internal combustion engine and 5 electric motors)
  • Flight Duration - 1.5 h
  • Useful payload - 5-6 kg

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The navigation system is not a brand new. Thus, as itself, it has quite a lot of competitors. Potentially they are those who work on autopilots systems, and the producers of lifting drones.


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Project stage


Realisation Plans