Event Description

The event "UAV Systems Developement and Deployment to counter Emerging Security Challenges" is closely related to a rapidly emerging market of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). It is very important to create in all NATO and Partner Countries awareness about safety and security challenges that concern development and deployment of UAVs. The main idea of the event is to share knowledge and know-how between the specialists working in the area of UAV in NATO and Partner Countries about UAVs used for ensuring safety and security. Various countries have different experience about development and deployment of UAVs that is why such course is required for joint and uniform effort to enhance UAVs operations safe and secure in NATO and Partner Countries.

The event will begin with an overall presentation about the state of art for UAV technology and point to important issues that increase safety. It will also call attention to technological features that might be a threat for flight safety. For the rest of the event two mentioned aspects: UAV systems development and deployment will be discussed.

UAV systems development would be divided in 3 parts: navigation, control and testing. First part will focus on navigation software design and methods of reliable navigation without satellite systems. Control part will show pros and cons of various UAV and ground station control commercial and open hardware and software tools and how to develop a control system that will enhance UAV flight security and safety. The last part show some ways of hardware-in-the loop and software in the loop laboratory tests of UAV navigation and control systems.

UAV systems deployment would be also divided in 3 parts: law, safety and security in emergency situations, and energy infrastructure security. First part will show different aspects of law in numerous countries comparing their effectiveness in enhancing safety and security. It will also introduce a course that enhance awareness of UAV flight security and safety. Second part will introduce how UAV can improve safety and security by protection of structures and monitoring of natural, technical and critical objects in disaster areas. It will also introduce a new way of reliable wireless communication for UAVs in case of emergency situations. The last but not the least part of the event will describe power energy facilities and utility assets management and monitoring with a usage of UAVs as well as some show cases of how commercial UAVs can disrupt industries and what are possible ways of protection.

The event would enhance awareness of security developments and deployments including through early warning, with a view to preventing crises in Security-related Advanced Technology of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms. It will also facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation in NATO and Partner Countries on issues of common interest, including international efforts to meet emerging energy infrastructure security challenges in aspects of UAVs usage.

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